A few more OMWs…

Happy Whisky Wednesday fellow Whisky lovers!

New youtube videos are coming soon! And no, I don’t mean the One Minute Whisky videos (which I’ll post more of below). I mean real, hosted, Scotch N Sniff videos! I’m teaming up with Whiskey Library DC to help host a new slew of topics that should be entertaining and educational. (We’ll even cover how to buy your own barrel!)

I know I still need to finish the Scotland posts too, for those still following that lingering tale. I’ve had so many other pictures to edit recently that it’s taken a back burner but who wants to hear excuses? lol.

I’ll post the rest of the OMW videos below and a few pretty pictures for your entertainment and hopefully they’ll hold you over for a little while I create more content that’ll slake your thirst!

Oh! One more thing! I was also recently on another youtube show with the Scotch Test Dummies! I’ll link that below too!


Fun times with STD (scotch test dummies)

OMW The Macallan 12 Fine Oak

OMW Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel

OMW Eagle Rare

OMW Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask