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Bunnahabhain 12 year

COLOR: Pale Gold
NOSE: Vegetal with a saline component. Water opens up a sweety smell and layers of honey, malt and light peat
PALATE: Lightly smoky, malt and the nose of honey and golden raisins comes through. A 2nd wave literally 45-60 sec after a sip you get a wave of flavors again with light peat, sherry and the sea
FINISH: Lengthy with dried apricots and the smell of cigar boxes
Bunnahabhain 12 year is a single malt worth purchasing, period. For beginning and long time scotch lovers alike, this is a delicious staple that should be in everyones cabinet


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Glenmorangie Companta

Glenmorangie CompantaGlenmorangie Companta NAS

COLOR: Reddish Gold
NOSE: Chocolate covered cherries, subtle sweetness, mild sherry
PALATE: Cherries, light chocolate, spice, even chocolate covered cherries
FINISH: Long and covered in oranges, wheaty
The Companta was a bit of a let down considering the price point.
(Normally $130 at Total Wine but on sale at a store in DC for a hundred bucks)
From Glenmorangie, the Nectar D’or seems to be much more enjoyable with many
more flavors and can be had for thirty dollars less than the Companta on sale… Hmmm…


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Yamazaki 12 Year

COLOR: Old Gold
NOSE: Vanilla, peppery, musty with a slight sweet apple
PALATE: Medicinal, light oak with a nice barley and malt base
FINISH: Slight astringence, woodsy
The Yamazaki 12 year is a well done interpretation of a Scotch Whisky from the Japanese company Suntory. A great perspective from across the world.


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An adventure to Jack Rose in DC

Just a few short days ago, Scotch and Sniff ventured off with some friends to Jack Rose Dining Saloon in DC.


JR pano (bro)Boasting over 2000 bottles of whisk(e)y and the largest selection on the North American continent, Jack Rose did not disappoint.


JR Front of Building
Located at 2007 18th Street in NW DC, we found Jack Rose to be an awesome location to venture off the beaten path of commonly available scotches.


JR Burger
The prices for a plate of food are right in the $14-25 range and there are no need for drinks beyond water, considering the surroundings.


JR Flyte

After the waiter takes some notes on the palates of everyone at the table, he takes his notes to a whisky sommelier who then picks a handful of spirits to prepare a flight.


JR Inside (j)

But selecting some samples that you might have read about before hand can be fun too!


JR Pappy Van Winkle (j)

This 23 year (no longer produced) Pappy Van Winkle did a great job of stealing our scotchy little hearts!


JR Blackadder Macallan 1989

Of course this Blackadder Raw Cask Macallan 22 years cask strength beauty didn’t disappoint either…


Food, friends, and flights.
What more could you ask for?

Are there some other locations that house scotch worth checking out in DC?
If you happen to know of any, definitely suggest something in the comment section below, tweet us, or message us on IG!

Glenmorangie Lasanta

Glenmorangie LasantaGlenmorangie Lasanta 12

COLOR: Caramelized Honey
NOSE: Rubberball, light scents of leather, cloaked in sherry, mild sweetness
PALATE: spice, full bodied
FINISH: fresh cracked pepper, little salt
Finished in Oloroso sherry casks, it shares very little in common with say the Glenfiddich 12 we review last week that is also finished in Oloroso sherry casks. It goes to show that casks may be responsible for the majority of the flavors we taste but not all casks are created equal!
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