Another video? Well, at least it’s about Glenmorangie…

So we’ve definitely been working on more posts but haven’t had a chance to publish them yet. Until we get around to that, enjoy this video!


Glenmorangie Companta

Glenmorangie CompantaGlenmorangie Companta NAS

COLOR: Reddish Gold
NOSE: Chocolate covered cherries, subtle sweetness, mild sherry
PALATE: Cherries, light chocolate, spice, even chocolate covered cherries
FINISH: Long and covered in oranges, wheaty
The Companta was a bit of a let down considering the price point.
(Normally $130 at Total Wine but on sale at a store in DC for a hundred bucks)
From Glenmorangie, the Nectar D’or seems to be much more enjoyable with many
more flavors and can be had for thirty dollars less than the Companta on sale… Hmmm…


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