Ardbeg Uigeadail

ArdbegArdbeg Uigeadail (NAS)

COLOR: Rust and the color of aged Sauternes
NOSE: An initial blast of beef jerky, wet tobacco, peat…PEAT!! After getting past all of the in your face BBQ’d meats you find vanilla extract, light citrus and creamy caramel
PALATE: Intense peaty introduction opening up to a rich smoked pork, wood charcoal and campfire near the sea.
FINISH: Long lingering finish with layers of smoke. So long in fact that after brushing my teeth and going to bed, I woke up to campfire smoke in my mouth like I’d been smoking a cigar from my wedding night.
My initial reaction to the Uigeadail was that I hated it. The intense smoke, peat and bbq’d meats turned me off completely. I pondered, while sitting in a leather chair and with an inquisitive look on my face, and gave it another try. I think that after the opened bottle had a chance to breath and oxidize a little, its intensity calmed down and became palatable. It’s not my main squeeze but I think it’s a great example of a peated, smoky malt. Enjoy.
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Springbank 10Springbank 10


COLOR: greenish peat
NOSE: leather, peat, masked sweetness like fake sugar, masked apple,
PALATE: delayed spices, deli meat but not unpleasant like ardbeg,
FINISH: meaty like ardbeg, slight spice but mostly sandwich meat, bologna


NOSE: nose is the unchanged devil
PALATE: many much more spice, clean water oddly,
FINISH: a much spicier and meatier finish, pure shite

So in the same vein of many other peated Scotches, this Springbank is not as peaty as the Ardbegs but definitely more peaty than the Glenkinchie (barely any) and the Talisker Storm (peaty but palatable). I hope that when we (Scotch n Sniff) take a trip to Scotland, we get overwhelmed by the peat smell and forget how to taste it!
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Dalwhinnie 15 year

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Dalwhinnie 15 year

COLOR: Bright gold
NOSE: Banana, Tangerine and the freshness of green apple
PALATE: Rich and coating, stewed apricots with vanilla and the brightness of the green apple and red delicious shining through
FINISH: Light and enjoyable, creamy with a wisp of light smoke at the end
The Dalwhinnie 15 year is a nice interesting dram that opens up slowly but keeps you interested while you look for more flavors within. A nice deal if you can find this for around $50


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Ardbeg Corryveckran

Ardbeg Corryveckran
Ardbeg Corryveckran (NAS)

COLOR: crisp gold
NOSE: wet leather, smoke, peat, sandwich meats
PALATE: more wet leather and rubber bands, spiced meat, spices, medicinal oil, salts, full bodied
FINISH: medium in length, heavy of spiced meat
Difficult to enjoy thanks to the odd flavors of the scotch. If you’re used to highland or even lowland scotches, this Islay has a character like no other scotch that I’ve had so far. The character is SO different it’s borderline unpleasant. The high alcohol content (surprisingly) isn’t distracting. At 57.1% it really should taste more like alcohol and have more of a burn but not so. If you’re looking to keep your palate fresh for any other scotches in your night, do NOT make this your first.
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