Ardbeg Corryveckran

Ardbeg Corryveckran
Ardbeg Corryveckran (NAS)

COLOR: crisp gold
NOSE: wet leather, smoke, peat, sandwich meats
PALATE: more wet leather and rubber bands, spiced meat, spices, medicinal oil, salts, full bodied
FINISH: medium in length, heavy of spiced meat
Difficult to enjoy thanks to the odd flavors of the scotch. If you’re used to highland or even lowland scotches, this Islay has a character like no other scotch that I’ve had so far. The character is SO different it’s borderline unpleasant. The high alcohol content (surprisingly) isn’t distracting. At 57.1% it really should taste more like alcohol and have more of a burn but not so. If you’re looking to keep your palate fresh for any other scotches in your night, do NOT make this your first.
#Scotchns #Whisky #scotchNsniff #CNPF
#ardbeg #ardbegCorryveckran

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