** Super Secret 2017 Update!!! **
[Sniff] here.

I find myself doing this update completely excited about what is soon to be our first trip to Scotland! Since [Scotch]’s birthday is in May, I figured the end of April is as good a time as any to get us some plane tickets to the motherland of Scotch whisky… so that’s exactly what I did. 🙂

We broke 10k followers on IG just a few weeks ago and although the number itself doesn’t translate to anything super significant, it does remind us that we’re on an awesome adventure (with gorgeous pictures) shared with incredible people. Thanks to some friends at different distilleries, our trip will be absolutely mind blowing. I had written up an itinerary for our trip but our grand brand ambassador friends hooked us up with an itinerary that blew our imaginations out of the water!

We’ve been doing our best keep the blog updated but have been distracted a lot by local events and youtube channel! (http://Youtube.com/ScotchNSniff of course!) Oh yeah! We started recording videos on youtube just 8 months ago and we’re super excited about where that will lead (I think I posted in advance of our actual youtube channel in my 2016 update lol). We don’t want to monetize on youtube (we hate ads on the videos we watch) so we’re definitely looking to branch out into other avenues that might help us to recoup some of the bazillion dollars worth of whisky we’ve purchased so far! We really just want to share the knowledge we’ve gained through our own crazy unique voice.

So yes, I hope that if you’re still reading this, you’ll stick around and see that we’ve got quite a bit to share with you.

Slainte mhath 😀


**Secret 2016 Update**
I’m calling this a secret update because I’m not telling [Scotch] about it!

It’s been a bit over two years since we started the strange project of reviewing whiskies and it’s amazing how many whiskies we’ve tried and how many friends we’ve made along the way while trying them. We’ve been on quite a few adventures and have learned more about whisk(e)y than we may have originally thought possible!

At this point we’ve gone from 2 followers on Instagram to 8200 followers and a handful of views on our website to over a thousand a month! Not that the numbers are all that important but if we’re reaching more people and helping more people learn about the intricacies and fun of whisk(e)y tasting, we’re headed in the right direction!

This year we launched our most recent endeavor, a youtube channel. It’s been going well so far and we’re really excited to see how we grow into new mediums for sharing our zeal!

We’ve got a number of really good ideas we want to bring to the whisk(e)y table and are just waiting for the right moments to do so!!

So thanks for reading and please enjoy your stay!


** Below is our original “Who we are” post **

Using the #scotchNsniff for reviews already being done on IG, the two gents who founded this endeavor decided to kick it up a notch and try to provide more than #CNPF (color, nose, palate, finish) reveiws by throwing in some scotchucation along the way.

William is a distinguished gent, culinary graduate, and smells of leather bound books and rich mahogany. He holds his copita glasses on the left.

Walter is a not so distinguished gent, human garbage disposal, and about as refined as crude oil. He holds his Glencairn glasses on the right.

We believe in dispelling the magic around scotch and scotch tasting. If you have a tongue, a nose, and a functional brain, you too can enjoy all of what scotch has to offer.

8 thoughts on “Who are Scotch N Sniff?

  1. William, I hope I found you. What a sharp looking blog! I’m glad I ran into you on the Metro today. Let me know if you would be interested in helping me think through a good gift for my brother. Maybe we could walk up to Calvert-Woodley for a lesson some time? Slainte Mhath!


    1. Hi Eulynn! Glad you’ve found the blog interesting and informative. This type of question is exactly what we’re looking at dispelling with scotchNsniff. As far as birthday gift scotches, depending on what flavor profile interests your brother, there could be thousands. Cheap doesn’t always mean poor quality when it comes to scotch, and expensive doesn’t always mean great. Some budget minded brands that I can think of off hand that are great include Scapa, Springbank and Glenfiddich 12 (check out our review if you haven’t done so).


  2. William – My sister, Eulynn, just purchased a bottle of Hibiki 12 year for me as a Birthday Present. I have to say, I am quite impressed with your recommendation after just hearing a few adjectives to describe who I am. Unbeknownst to you and my sister, the Hibiki 12 year is my favorite Scotch, as I have clients from Asia peddle me bottles from duty-free all the time. (I currently have 2 in stock in my office). The Hibki 12 year has amazing flavor, fruity notes to begin with, but finishes clean and dry. Perfect pairing for a great steak, sushi, Rocky Patel 1992 Cigar or conversations with friends. Again, impressed with your recommendation without knowning me, and look forward to learning and reading more!


    1. Eugene, sorry for the late reply – It was a pleasure to work with your sister in finding the perfect scotch for you. She really made it easy by giving me an idea of what flavors you enjoyed and which you didn’t. It just so happens that not only do I enjoy scotch but I love just about anything that stays in oak for some time, cognac, brandy, bourbon, so it really helps when I’m trying to pull flavors from different spirits for recommendations. Thanks for checking out our blog and we hope you can keep joining us every week for a new review!


    1. James, it’s funny you should ask. They’ll soon be available online. I literally just spoke with an online store about carrying them and the samples are on the way. Hopefully I’ll be able to send you a definite link in a week or two. Cheers!


  3. Many thanks to ScotchNSniff for donating a bottle of excellent single malt Highland Park Scotch and snifter for the silent auction held by SladeChild Foundation (sladechild.org). Music fundraiser is tonight, Oct 1 at the Old Bowie Town Grille, Bowie MD 5-9 pm with live music by DogFather Blues Band. SladeChild is an IRS 501c3 charity that provides food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care for destitute children in the US and world. Every penny helps the kids because the overhead costs are paid by the Trustees. Thanks for helping the kids!! May fortune smile on your endeavors, and may your glass always contain the best scotch whiskey!


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