Glenburgie Batch 1

That BoutiqueY Whisky Company Glenburgie Batch 1Glenburgie Batch 1

I have to preface today’s CNPF review by saying
you can’t buy this scotch on store shelves in the states.
It’s a “For distribution in the UK” product and both Scotch and Sniff placed an order
at Master of Malt to bring some fine scotch over for reviews.
Master of Malt actually bottles this scotch under the name
“The Boutique-y Whisky Company” hence the “Batch 1” moniker.
It’s a shame this particular beauty isn’t sold here because IT IS DELICIOUS!

On to the review…

COLOR : light golden yellow
NOSE : banana, cooked apple, light cooking spices, heavy creme,
PALATE : astringent spices, apples, oranges,
FINISH : coating finish, hints of smoke, wowzers, heckamazing finish
NOSE : more banana creme, now the spices show up,
PALATE : only numbs the outside of the tongue,
FINISH : smoke blasted into the finish, wow, same texture
So basically, this scotch is a banana milkshake with extra fruit and a touch of smoke.
It was definitely worth the shipping fees to bring this tasty morsel over.
#ThatBoutiqueyWhiskyCompany #Glenburgie
#scotchNsniff #CNPF #SlainteMhath #snSNIFF

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