Bruichladdich Scottish Barley : The Classic Laddie

COLOR: lightly wheated yellow
NOSE: though there are some peaty overtones, the sweetness shines through, warm honey, granulated sugar, slight vanilla,
PALATE: immediate spices on the tongue, OMG honey, wow!!!, the sweet flavors mix perfectly with the peat
FINISH: smokey like a shirt that’s spent time around a campfire, smooth like room temperature butter,
NOSE: dang, now you can smell sugar outside of the glass, the water swallowed the peat, a little smoke lingers
PALATE: more fruit now on top of spices, like plum and currants,
FINISH: spicy smoke, smooth, creamy, yum
Surprisingly delicious and without burn for 50% alcohol content.
This… has replaced my daily sipper! (Glenfiddich 19). It’s so well balanced it’s hard NOT to like. It’s an amalgam of flavors from all parts of Scotland that entertains the tongue without wearing it out. Fan-freakin-tastic dram!

4 thoughts on “Bruichladdich Scottish Barley : The Classic Laddie

    1. Was it a tasting in Scotland? I know Scotch and myself can’t wait to take a trip over there. It’ll be awesome if it’s easy to meet the folks directly responsible these amazing drams!


      1. No, Jim actually came here, to Tasmania (Australia) earlier this year. I was lucky to make it along to the event in Hobart. An absolutely fascinating man. Although I did travel to Scotland earlier this year and went to a variety of Islay and west coast distilleries – and loved every minute of it!
        Keep on waffling,


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