ScotchNSniff @ The Whiskey Blogger Summit NYC 2016

Originally, I typed up a ginormous, esoteric post about our adventure in NYC last weekend with Michters, but looking through the pictures again, I really wonder if I needed so many words to talk about the beautiful venue and the amazing time we had.

Instead, I’ve opted for this much shorter post that will be much more picture filled (with small notes) to give you thousands and thousands of words to contemplate as you look through them. Thank you so much to Whiskey Nate for the incredible invite and thank you very much to Michters for hosting sixteen of the luckiest whisk(e)y bloggers in the world!!! I’m sure we’ll delve into more details from the weekend as we release reviews on the Michter’s line so until then…



We should change the name from the Big Apple to the Big Whiskey! Who’s with me!?

The Nomad Hotel penthouse rooftop? Go on…

Michter’s is an incredible host!!

The selection for the tasting was fantastic!! From the US*1 offerings all the way to the 20 year bourbon!

The weather could not have been more perfect.

I borrowed the 20 Year more than once to add to the already impressive skyline.

The place settings for the tasting 🙂

[Scotch] talking it up with Brian and Tim of Whiskey Library DC.

[Scotch] and Whiskey Nate shooting the breeze.

The gents from The Whiskey Forums

Diane chatting it up with Whiskey Library DC

Sara and Ticha of the Sircle Media Team

Scotch Trooper in his element 🙂


Whiskey Nate giving us some insight into the world of Michters

Steve, head of sales. Dan, distillery manager. Super nice guys!

Taking a look at barrel staves and Michter’s process for aging!

Behind the bar view?


Michter’s Based cocktails? Awesome!

What we nicknamed “The DC” table 😛

Did I mention the view!?

Moving on to dinner…

What a menu 🙂

Let’s toast!! To an incredible night!!

Slainte!! Cheers!!

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