One Minute Whiskies?

One Minute Whiskies is a small side project that will fall under the ScotchNSniff umbrella of fun stuff 🙂 If you haven’t subscribed to the SNS youtube channel or follow the ScotchNSniff instagram, you might want to. The goal of One Minute Whiskies will be to provide quick whisk(e)y reviews to anyone who might be out and about looking for a new bottle to pick up. They won’t be super in depth and they won’t be as detailed as typical SNS videos but they will be useful. Over time, thanks to a few choice hash tags, they’ll also be easily searchable. For now, welcome to the beginning of something new and interesting. I’ll post the first four releases below and post future blog posts along with the YT releases so you won’t miss anything if you’re only following SNS here. Cheers!

OMW: Old Pulteney 21

OMW: Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve

OMW: The Macallan Edition No 2

OMW: Highland Park Dark Origins

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