Scotch VS Scotch : The Dalmore 18 versus The Dalmore 15

SvS: Dalmore 15 vs 18
SvS: Dalmore 15 vs 18

Greeting fellow whisky taster! Happy Friday!!

Here we are with another installment of scotch versus scotch and this one just might save you half of what you’re thinking about spending. We’re comparing the Dalmore’s 15 year offering with their 18 year to see if a doubling in price is actually a good value.


Let’s dive right in, nose first. Whoa. The 18 starts its ole factory invitation with oranges and sherry. It’s surprisingly floral but if you’re a sherry fan, you’re going to love the nose. Oddly enough, the 15 was finished in three types of sherry casks (matusalem, apostles, and amoroso) and actually noses less like sherry than the matusalem-sherry-cask-finished 18 that spent 14 of its 18 years in American oak. The 15 side-by-side with the 18 has a stronger wheat/grass/flower/potpourri nose. The 15 is also much less powerful. Both smell delicious but will they taste as good as they smell?


Palate & Finish:
With a fantastic mouthfeel, the 15 is just slightly oily and filled with ginger, citrus, a touch of chocolate, and it finishes a bit woody. Not oak though, I know I’ve smelled the tree this flavor stems from though. The 18 blasts onto the tongue with more familiar flavors found in sherry heavy drams thanks to being finished in sherry. Pepper and spices make their way forward and are followed by absolutely delicious and freshly peeled oranges! The mouthfeel is luscious. The 18 rounds out its finish with buttery pepper and spices. The finish on the 18 lingers and lingers. Yum!


So this comparison originally struck me as a good idea when I recently purchased the 15 and thought of how much it reminded me of the 18, but side by side… They’re related but definitely not twins.


So if you’re looking for Sherry and spice and everything nice, by all means, enjoy the $110 Dalmore 18 year. But if you’re looking for a refreshing summer time dram, look no further than the Dalmore 15 at a reasonable $65.



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